Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oriental Blue Vase with Orange Blooms

We had received this beautiful Oriental vase for a wedding present.  The piece has a painted frog as I call it that matches the vase.  It sits right in the top of the vase and holds the flowers.  The gift at the time was sent by a local florist that had filled it with gorgeous fresh flowers.

                                               Here is a picture of the frog.


                                                               And a picture with the vase.


Around October one year, I decided to fill the vase with orange foliage.  The blues and oranges come together beautifully.


                                         This year, I am growing the Chinese Lantern perennial from seed.  I hope by next fall that the plants will be grown, dried and once placed in the vase, will be a stunning addition to the fall colors.

                                       This is what they look like at 2 weeks.

And one week later.
     I don't know if these will mature by Halloween  This vase will look stunning with the real flower!

              While I am still waiting for the plants to grow, I will use the faux stems until then.

Just received a beautiful card from friend Susan, the person who helped me start this blog, just in time for Halloween.  Thanks!!!!

Happy Halloween


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