Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1st Christmas as a Married Couple Ornament

I have made baby ornaments using the details of the birth.  See blog:  Memory Ornaments-June 24, 2012.

This time I wanted to make an ornament for my nephew and his new bride for their first Christmas together.  To start out, you need to get the wedding invitation.

                                                  Using the Fiskars trimmer, I cut through every line horizontally.
Once cut, I took each slip of paper and curled it around a pencil, with the print facing out. The better quality card stock from the invitation curls much better than normal card stock.

 The next step was to insert all of these frilly slips into a iridescent large glass ornament.


Going to my bead storage(yes, another craft) I pulled out yellow seed beads, some silver embellishments and off white pearls to put into the ornament.  These will fall to the bottom, but give some added dimension to the ornament.


                          I added adhesive silver glitter  numbers to the front for the year 2012.

                                           An added glass heart was attached to the hook. 

Being that the couple had a Barn Reception, burlap was a great way to tie off at the top.
The last step was to secure a satin lemon yellow ribbon to the hook to compliment the colors in the invite.

IMPORTANT------ Make sure that you glue the silver top onto the ornament so it does not separate from the bulb prior to tying the ribbons onto the top.

Every year, the couple will be able to hang the wedding ornament on their Christmas Tree and relive their beautiful day.

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