Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hutch in Rustic Splendor

I decided to post today because of a last minute idea.  Hope you enjoy it.

Trying to come up with a plan to transform the hutch in the eat in area with minimal cost was fun.  Here is the picture of the fall scene.  It really didn't have a real attention getting effect, but it did bring a little color to the area using the faux pumpkins and autumn leaves.

I love the lantern that I found at Stein Mart 2 years ago for cheap!  On a year round basis I leave a battery powered candle in it to light at night.  The basket was a gift I received years ago.  The twigs came out of the trees behind the neighborhood pool house.

Now to switch gears, I was contemplating what rustic treasure could I put on top of the hutch?  As I drove into the garage, I spied a set of very shabby green shutters that I had nailed on the homestead garage back in Illinois.

              Here is an adorable picture of my nephew, Zach standing next to the garage. Sorry, buddy, but it's the only picture I can find with the shutters on the chippy garage.

As you notice, the shutters look rather chippy even in this picture and it was taken in 1988.  So 24 years ago, the shutters adorned that cute garage.

I did find another close up of the shutters.  Bear with me.  What did I do before scanners?  This picture shows even more chippiness!

 Once the garage was sided, the shutters could not be put back up. While I was home this past summer, the shutters were lying in the garage. I grabbed them and brought them home.   I knew Mr. Thrifty would just roll his eyes when he saw me pull these out of the trunk.

          Now, back to my story.   Here is the shutter leaning up against a shelf in the garage this morning.

                                   Yes, it is very, very shabby, but trust me, it will work out.

               I picked up two garlands at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price earlier in the week.    Once, I placed one garland up on top of the buffet, I laced in one set of battery powered mini white lights.  Here is the shutter is place.(It was too long to put upright.)

See how much better it looks up on the buffet compared to it lying in the garage?  Rustic, no?
The lantern needed a bit of attention, so a sprig of greens, crystals and pinecones entwined the candle.

                                                         Another view.....

Without the lights .........................

And with the lights.........

                                             I think it really warms up that side of the room.

                Who would have thought that this lowly decrepit shutter would find new life again?

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