Friday, December 7, 2012

What Child is This?

Since I spend so much time in my kitchen especially during the holiday season, I wanted to have the baby Jesus placed somewhere where He would get my attention. It seems that I am at the kitchen sink quite often washing cookie pans and batter bowls  daily.

               I found this little ornament at home over Thanksgiving and placed Him in a vintage urn.

                              I am never far from Him.  This really keeps me focused on what the  season is really about.

An afterthought came to me today when I was done baking. I had collected all my Christmas cookie and candy recipes from this cookbook, this drawer and that index card.  I decided that this would be the last year I would scavenge through to find all my recipes.  I made a New Year's commitment to myself.  After this holiday season, I would compile all of my recipes into one place.  Another blog has been born.

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