Saturday, December 15, 2012

Champagne Christmas

                  Always wanting to incorporate my vintage silver plate into my displays is fun.

Last year, I had purchased a small vintage platinum and silver tree from Target and placed it in my concrete urn.

While in Arkansas, I had acquired a grocery sack full of silver and pink bulbs from a lady that was going to throw them in the trash.  I pulled them out and there was my inspiration.

                                      You last saw the basket in this photo.

              But now, the same basket looks completely different holding the burnished ornaments.


My fabric bin holds a multitude of shabby fabrics ready for a spare of the moment project.  I sifted through the piles until I found the sweet one with pink flowers. The fabric gently gathered under the tree branches gives the bucket a pop of color.

                          The dusty sage green in the leaves blends well with the silver.

I know the trend is to show your vintage silver plate tarnished, but I can't decide?  Should I keep the champagne bucket tarnished?

                                                                  I'm not crazy about it.

                                                                     Or just polish it?

                    I believe that the polished bucket compliments the silver ornaments. Placing the vignette onone end of the eat in bar gives a bit of height to that side of the kitchen.

While at Wal-mart yesterday morning, I came upon this deal.  12 roses for $2.62!

I had every intention of using them in a future Valentine's Day blog, but once I pulled off all of the outer petals, I decided that they would look great in the champagne bucket display.


I pulled out one of my favorite pieces from the estate sales pile, filled it with water, inserted the wire frog, and voila!


                                      I think the added pink really perks up this vignette.

                                       A little feminine touch works well for me in the kitchen.

Once again, these items were pulled from other places in the house, grouped together to create  a new look for the holiday.  Small cost, so happy.

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