Friday, December 21, 2012

Poinsettia Mantle Display

As I wanted to recycle all of my crystal, silver and white Christmas decorations, I had to come up with a focal point for the winter mantle.  I found the most beautiful flocked white poinsettias at Michael's.  I perfected this floral arrangement with a concrete Grecian urn.

The poinsettias were 60% off, so along with a few evergreen sprays, I was set to make the arrangement.

  Including platinum glitter sprays and a crystal ornament added the embellishments to finish the display. 


                              The close up of the crystal ornament adds that extra bit of sparkle.

 Setting the base for the mantle was a silvery cashmere-like throw complete with fringe.
  Once laid across the mantle, with the urn and pillars tucked up to the side, the throw was missing something.  Then I thought of some bling-- I went to my costume jewelry box and pulled out 4 of my prettiest rhinestone broaches. (I know, yes, it's another collection.)  Once attached to the throw, they cascaded down the right side of the mantle throwing off glimmer and shine.
Flanking the urn were two mercury pillars that were on clearance at Pottery Barn.  I had a $50.00 gift card in my wallet for two years.  I could never find anything I wanted enough until I ran into these on the shelf.  This was a real deal on the 20 inch mercury glass pillars.

                                          A closeup of the great sale tag.........

      So far, the dressing of the mantle is coming along.  I tend to favor asymmetrical displays, so right now, it seems a bit lopsided.


Now, I needed to complete the other side.  While at Home Goods, I found this spectacular embossed mercury ornament.

It seemed rather lonely, so I pulled a smaller mercury ornament out and placed it in a vintage silver plated candy dish (a great find at an estate sale for $2.00).

To balance the left side of the mantle, I took out my oversized wedding flower vase and put in the shimmery platinum twigs that I had used in the past.

           Of course, the white mantle clock stays on the mantle.  Here is the picture of the left side.

             I like the two different looks that I get.  At night time, the spotlight is on the mantle.

                         In the morning, the sun streams in and catches the sparkle of the glitter.

                            This mantle will flow easily into the New Year and wintry months.

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