Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Collage Gift #2

At an estate sale this summer, I bought a very ornate heavy silvered frame for $16.00.  This would be the frame I would use to make my Christmas Collage this year.  The dimensions are 18'x 14'.  It is a very substantial frame.

Isn't she a beauty?
Since the frame had no backing, I grabbed a piece of foamcore and penciled around the edge to create a base for the collage.
Here are two pictures of the foam board cut, back and front.
Notice the irregular shape of the inside of the frame.  It seems very wonky from the back, but wait until you see the front.
The blue color will not matter one bit for the finished product.  I just needed the foam core to begin building the collage, layer by layer.
 Because my typical Christmas theme surrounds the colors silver and white, I wanted to create this next collage along the same lines.
 My theme was going to be The Birth of Jesus.  I had found this picture of the Madonna and Child years ago and wanted to create a project around it.  Even though there was an obvious stain on the print, I felt that the stain only added to the character of the piece.  I copied it off on  translucent vellum.
Now I had two major components to begin my collage.  The frame and the print of the Madonna were laid out ready to become enhanced with a multitude of embellishments.
To start off the project, I picked up some mini silver frames at Hobby Lobby on sale a few weeks ago.
 Glittered designed scrapbook paper was used as the mat for each frame.  With silver glittered adhesive letters, the word NOEL was spelled out in each of the four frames.
  I unscrewed the hangers from each of the frames. 
Then,  I started playing with papers, paper doilies, decorative scissors and dimensional embellishments.
Adhesive crystals accented the Madonna's halo.
Once everything was laid out, I used packing tape to secure it to the back of the frame.
I pulled out a frame stand for the collage.
  Soon the Christmas vignette  will be built around this Noel collage.

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