Saturday, March 10, 2012

Belleek treasures

Having great grandparents with an Irish surname is enough to make me proud of my heritage.  What comes to mind are those cottages in misty Ireland billowing smoke out of their rooftops.  How hard their lives must of been.  Hearing stories of the Great Potato Famine just seemed so sad, but as immigrants, they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made something of themselves over here in the New Country. 

I have received three memorable Belleek presents in my life that remind me of that ancestry.  The first is a Belleek holy water font that was given to us as a wedding gift by a dear cousin of my mother's.  The beautiful piece always finds a very special place in every home we have inhabited.  Not only is it important because it was made in Ireland, but it also reminds me of the faith that my family has bestowed upon me.

 While we visited Mother Angelica's shrine, The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, near Hanceville, Alabama, we filled our holy water bottle for our font at home.

The second Belleek gift I received was a beautiful frame from one of my sisters.  This frame has always held a picture of our two girls at many stages of their lives.  This year, it will hold my annual St. Patrick's Day card.

The third present is a dainty angel creamer that was given to me by my college roommate. 

Using gifts given over the years not only makes you enjoy them more, but makes you feel so much closer to the people that bestowed them onto  you.

Even though I am showcasing these three Belleek pieces now, they maintain a presence in our home year round.

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