Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Marriage of a Guilded Mirror and a Sewing Machine cabinet

This next set of posts will detail the making of the masculine home office. I purchased this mirror at a   friend's garage sale for $40.00.  It was very heavy and I didn't have a purpose for it, so I set it aside in my pile.

After we moved into the latest house, I needed a coffee table for my husband's office.  I also had an old sewing machine that I picked up in the VA dump for nothing.  I had intentions of refinishing the piece, but again, put it aside in 'the pile'.(It is the black piece in the left of this next picture.)

The sewing table was high gloss black and somewhat chippy.  One day as we were arranging furniture, I asked my husband to chop off the legs.  What transpired then was an instant coffee table.  Talk about no work!
Look at the drop down sewing drawer in the base of the coffee table.

We just lifted the mirror onto the sewing machine sans legs and ta da....
The next blog will be a truly attractive display for military coins.
  Another blog, another day. 

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