Thursday, March 22, 2012

Upcycled Window/Bulletin-Chalkboard

I had mentioned a while back when showing my upcycled windows, that I wanted to make a bulletin board/chalkboard for each of my daughter's rooms.  My youngest daughter's birthday is today, the 22nd.(The behind the scenes work has been going on for 10 days now.)

Here is the first stage of the window.

I didn't want to have 6 sections, so I hammered out two of the mullions and glass.

It did take some extra gluing and nailing to secure the remaining separators.  Next, I stripped, sanded and painted the frame.  Mr. Thrifty cut 3 panels out of leftover beadboard.  I will use the reverse or back of the beadboard for the panels because they are so smooth.

I found two coordinating fabrics to match the comforter.  I purchased magnetic paint for the third panel.  I gave it 4 coats of the magnetic paint.  The manufacturer recommends 3, but after testing with a magnet, a fourth coat was necessary.

I applied 4 coats of chalkboard paint over the magnetic paint.  This way it can be used as a chalkboard AND a magnet board.

Meanwhile, I pulled out coordinating buttons out of my stash and glued them onto magnets with my glue gun.  I purchased turquoise colored straight pins for the bulletin board.

I pulled out my electic food knife and cut two pieces of 1 inch foam to place on to the other two panels. 

Next, I placed the foam onto the board, and then added batting and  topped it off with the fabric.

           I inserted the panels into the holes, and taped it down with packing tape on the edges.

Prior to sanding the front, I removed the handle, stripped it and painted it with Looking Glass Mirror spray bought at Hobby Lobby.  I sprayed the handle with three coats, but was not happy with the results.  Off to Home Depot where I special ordered a nickel handle from the Martha Stewart collection.  This is a great lesson about upcycling.  Even though I had to change gears, it always works out.

This handle along with two vintage glass knobs will complete the front of the piece.  So far, this is what the front looks like.

            After the chalkboard panel is done, Mr. Thrifty will help me nail in all three pieces.

  I ended up  doing the nailing myself.  I used 1/4 in. square dowels to secure the three pieces.  My work is not as clean as his would have been, but I don't think it is bad for the first time.  I had to drill pilot holes in the dowels to prevent splitting before securing with the nails.


Well, the 22nd is here and the handle has not arrived from Home Depot.  The show must go on.  I will attach it after it arrives and give you an update.  The nickel finish will go nicely with the crystal knobs.

The present wouldn't have been complete without a handmade card from me.  She also is getting one of my handmade earring holders(another blog).  Happy Birthday!!!

                           I think the bulletin board will be a nice complement to her bedroom.


  1. Where did you get this idea? I’m sure your daughter will love this bulletin board because aside from it being wonderful, you also made this by yourself! She’s lucky to have a sweet mother like you.

    -Vernie Herr

    1. Vernie,
      Thanks for the comment. Glad that you enjoyed the post. Hope you enjoy the blog!

  2. This looks really great! That’s a really creative and beautiful use for an old window. I love the colors that you used. It goes very well with her room. I’m sure that your daughter loved your gift as much as I did.

    Gabrielle Jeromy

    1. Gabrielle,

      I love old windows. I will have more posts using them. I never tire of thinking up new ways to upcycle them.