Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Updated White Headboard

It just seems like yesterday that we were putting the finishing touches on the master bedroom headboard.  I had a piece in mind to fuse with the headboard, but didn't get the right vibe for awhile.  Here is the piece I was thinking about.  I believe it was a molding that once adorned a dry sink or twin bed.   I used it over the couch in the old house and attached some vintage blue Willow ware pieces from  it.

Once the plates were taken off, I just sat the piece over in the corner.  A few nights  back, the idea came to me in the middle of the night.  What if I could hang it over the new headboard?  What do you think?

The piece did need a top coat of the white trim paint.

 I think it adds just the right touch to finish off the bed.

I really enjoy reusing items over and over.  The challenge of thinking outside the box is quite rewarding.  When you tire of a piece, rework it in another room of the house.  It might surprise you.

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