Friday, April 27, 2012

Converting a Dresser Mirror to an Earring Holder

When my first daughter had her ears pierced, I searched high and low for a tasteful earring holder for her dresser.

While walking in Hobby Lobby,  I saw this black ornate mirror.  I walked over to the easel aisle, put the mirror on an easel and the idea was born.  The frames were 50% off, but the easel was not.  I bought the frame and came home and put it in the project pile.  Days later, I was at Wal-Mart and looked in the picture easel aisle.  I found an easel that would fit the frame perfectly. 

Since the accents in my daughter's room were black, I spray painted the easel high gloss black.   I pried  off the mirror, which was glue gunned onto the back of the mirror.  Off to Home Depot to get a roll of black screen material used for windows.  I cut a piece of the screen and glue gunned it to the back of the frame.  Here is the result.

When my second daughter had her ears pierced, she wanted to go with a white earring holder.  Pulling some high gloss white spray paint out of my cache, I sprayed both the frame and easel.  This is the result.

No matter what the color scheme is in your daughter's room, you could use any color spray paint that you want.

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