Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Copper Treasures

Years ago, I came upon a collection of copper at an estate sale.  I found 3 measuring pots and 4 copper tarlet pans.  I always liked the country french flavor in design, but I didn't know what to do with them.  After the move, I was unpacking what seemed like endless boxes of treasures.  Just like Christmas, I found the copper pieces  once again.

I was at Hobby Lobby one day and found these great frames for 50% off.  They were originally $25.00 dollars apiece.  I picked two frames and then pondered about what kind of mats to use with this project.  I knew that I wanted to display them with the Menu blackboard that I had just completed.

Months later, I was browsing at the King Cotton Fabric Store and looked at the sample  section.  In it, I found two matching  linen pieces--priced at one dollar apiece.  I knew they were large enough to fill the twin frames that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby.

This fabric definitely had that french flair.  I bought two adhesive backed foam core boards to fit inside the frames. Then, I attached  the linen to the foam core.  I had to figure out how to hang the copper treasures onto the fabric.  I pulled out some leftover cross-stitch thread out and carefully sewed all the pieces onto the corresponding boards, popped them into the frames and they were complete.

                                                             Here is a closeup of the frame.

                            The frame compliments the gold frame in the blackboard.

Here is the completed wall display.  I believe over time, the copper tarnish will enhance
                                   the frames and give it that  vintage look.

            It is possible to put a vintage(the gold frame)frame with brand new frames.  This is also  a                               unique way to show off special collections that you may have.

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